Flash Game Archive is ensuring that the utmost respect is being shown to the original game development teams and IP holders.

As this is an archive for preservation we want to include everyone’s work for future generations to play and appreciate.

Update Your Game

If you have a version of your game you would like us to use instead of the one already in the archive please contact us and we will make that happen for the next update. We can see this happening if we have an outdated version or if you have a version where the ads pay revenue to you and not a 3rd party.

Remove Your Game

If you would like us to remove your game from the archive please contact us and we will remove it. However, you will need to legally prove that you own the rights (A key part of any take down content notice). We want to preserve your game for future generations, and we do not profit from this archive, so please reconsider.

Archive Your Game for Future Generations!