October 2019

We are currently working on processing the flash files for the next big patch. If you would like to see what games will be included in the next patch you can search through them in the Game Directory. We have filled many requests, please keep them coming!

A special thank you to the supporters who have been uploading flash games for us to preserve. It takes us longer to process uploads than requests but if you upload the game then we will eventually get to it. If we don’t have that game yet you are doing a great service to the Flash Game Archive.

If you have a large selection of flash games you would like to donate please email us and we can setup special folder in our Google Drive for you to upload them all quickly rather than one at a time.

We are still looking for a host that will allow us to push out incremental patches, rather then having everyone download the new release in it’s entirety, but until then we will just release major patches where there is 500 games or more added.

Finally, thank you everyone for the kind feedback. We are extremely happy that you are enjoying the software and having fun!

A quick video about preparing a game for the Flash Game Archive.