This directory contains all games currently available in Flash Game Archive and is updated weekly.

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There are currently 535 Games in this directory beginning with the letter S.
Sacred Heroes
Sailor Moon Maker 2
Sailor Scouts Flashing
Samurai Jack Code Of The Samurai
Samurai Warrior
Sands of the Coliseum
Sanguine 2
Santa Rockstar 4
Santa Rockstar Metal Xmas
Santas Cannon
Saras Cooking Class Bento Box
Saturday Night Bloodfest
Save The Tank 3
Scary Maze X
Scene of the Crime Dream of Murder
Scene Of The Crime Golden Doll
School Bus License
School Bus License 2
School Bus License 3
School Girl Becca Dress Up
School Girl Dress Up
School Rumble Memory
School Swap
School Wars
Schools In Session
Scooby Doo Pinball
Scooby Doo Snack Machine
Scooby Snapshot
ScoobyDoo 1000 Graveyard Dash
Scorpion Fatality The Game
Scorpion RPG
Scrabble Sprint
Scrambled Egg Burritos
Scrap Metal Heroes
Scribble Two
Sea Gems
Sea Of Fire
Search And Destroy The Hotspot
Secret Book 3
Sector Warfare
Seesaw Ninjas
Sensual Experiment
Sentry Knight
Sentry Knight 2
Serious Dave
Serious Santa
Serve Or Die
Servitron Kiosk
Sewer Surf Showdown
Sewerage Rebellion
Sexy Santa
Sexy Soccer
Sexy Tarzan
Sexy Tetris
Shadow Arts
Shadow of the Ninja
Shadow The Hedgehog Puzzle
Shape Fold
Shape Fold 2
Shape Inlay
Shape Shifter
Shark Lifting 2
Shark Pinball
Shark Tale The Big Race
Sharp Trigger
She Male Shell Game
She Masturbationg Erotica
Sheep Beats
Sheep Jumper
Sheep Water Baloons
Shift 2 The Challenge
Shinobi Kairaku Goumon 2
Ship O Ghouls
Shipping Yard
Shoot A Lot
Shoot Em
Shoot M
Shoot Prime Numbers Game
Shop Empire
Shopping Cart Hero
Shopping Cart Hero 2
Shopping Cart Hero 3
Shopping Frenzy
Shopping In Paris
Shopping Street
Short Circuit Pinball
Shot Asakusei
Shotgun vs Zombies
Show Jumping
Shrek Shreds
Shuttle Bound Meadowed Isle
Siege Knight
Sieger Level Pack
Siegius Arena
Sierra 7
Sift Heads
Sift Heads 0
Sift Heads 2
Sift Heads 3
Sift Heads 5
Sift Heads Assault 2
Sift Heads Cartels Act 1
Sift Heads Cartels Act 2
Sift Heads Cartels Act 3
Sift Heads Reborn
Sift Heads World Act 1
Sift Heads World Act 2
Sift Heads World Act 3
Sift Heads World Act 4
Sift Heads Worlds Act 5
Sift Heads Worlds Act 6
Sign of Zodiac
Silas Clean the Puke
Silence Of The Night
Silly Monster Dentist
Silly Sausage
Sim Apocalypse
SIM Day And Night
SIM Girls Gold
Simgirls Gold
Simple Motions
Simple Puzzle With Animal
Simple Puzzle With Animal 3
Simply Mindy
Singing Horses
Sinjid Battle Arena
Six O Clock High
Sixty Seconds to Live
Skateboard City
Skater Math
Skies Of War
Skittles Xtreme Fruit Fighters
Sky Chopper
Sky Firefighter
Sky Fortress
Sky Island
Sky Quest
Sky Serpents
Skylinks Golf
Skywire 2
Skywire VIP
Skywire VIP Extended
Slave Lords Of The Galaxy
Slave Maker
Sledding Madness
Sleepless Knight
Sleepless Night
Slender Man Saw Game
Slice the Box Remaster
Slime Laboratory
Slime Laboratory 2
Slime Quest
Slingshot Santa
Slush Invaders
Smash 2
Smashing Slots PDS
Smiley Showdown
Smiley Showdown 2
Snail Bob
Snail Bob 2
Snail Bob 3
Snail Bob 4 Space
Snail Bob 5 Love Story
Snail Bob 6 Winter Story
Snail Bob 7 Fantasy Story
Snail Bob 8 Island Story
Snake Runner
Snatch Attack
Sneak Thief 2
Sneak Thief 3
Sniper Assassin
Sniper Assassin 2
Sniper Assassin 3
Sniper Assassin 4
Sniper Assassin Final
Sniper Assassin Quickshot
Sniper Police Training
Sniper Year One
Snot Put
Snow Ball Joe
Snow Ball Pinball 2
Snow Drift
Snow Drift 2
Snow Throw
Snowy Day Dress Up
Soap Bubble
Soccer Balls
Soccer Cheerleader Championship
Sock Boarding
Soda Dungeon Lite
Sofa Bash
SOL Clockwork
Solar Rift
Solarsaurs Round Trip
Solid RPG
Solitaire Bodies
Solitaire En Worlds
Sommeliers Dream
Son of the Mask Pinball
Sonic Bowl
Sonic Crazy World
Sonic Puzzle
Sonic RPG Episode 7
Sonic RPG Episode 9
Sonic Slider
Sonic Smash Brothers
Sonic Test Run
Sonic The Hedgehog Character Designer
Sonic The Hedgehog Rise Of Robotnik
Sonic Xtreme
Sonny 2
Sonome 11
Sons of Guns
Soul Arms
Soul Redeemer
South America Geo Quest
Space Base Defender
Space Bounty
Space Hopper
Space Invaders
Space Pips
Space Punk Racer
Space Ranger Training
Spank The Booty
Spank The Monkey
Spank18 Detention
Special Ops
Specter Knight
Spectromancer Plus Edition
Speed Racer
Speed Shot Tuscani
Spermrider Seed Of Destruction
Spider Lad vs Batsman
Spider Man City Raid
Spider Monkey
Spider Stickman 5 Xmas Special
Spiderman 2 Web of Words
Spiderman Dark Side
Spikes Day Off
Spin Doctor
Spinball Whizzer
Splash Back
Splinter Cell
Splitman 2
Sponge Funny Puzzle
Spongebob Delivery Dilemma
Spongebob Lost In Time
Spongebob Saw Game
Spongebob Sea Monster Smoosh
Spongebob Squarepants Atlantis Squarepantis Bus Rush
Spongebob Squarepants Patty Panic
Spongebob The Dark Abyss
Spongebobs Pizza Toss
Spongeboob SquarePants Boo or Boom
Sports Heads Football
Sports Heads Football Championship
Spot the Difference
Spot The Difference 2 CM
Spot The Difference CM
Sprint Driver
Sprite Editor
Sprite Smash
Sprouts Adventure Teaser
Sqadron Angel
Squirrel Hunt
Squirrel Squash 2
Stack of Defence
Stag Knight 2
Stagger 12 Oz Mouse
Stained Glass
Stan James Original Free Kick Challenge
Star Ball
Star Castle
Star Dominion
Starcraft 2 TD
Starcraft Flash Action 3
Starcraft Flash Action 5
StarDust Interceptor
Steak And Jake Midnight March
Stealing The Diamond
Stealth Hunter
Stealth Hunter 2
Stealthbound Level Pack
Steamlands Player Pack
Steampunk Tower Defense
Steel Dangers
Stellar Squad
Step By Step Bathroom Escape
Steppenwolf Chapter 1 Episode 1
Stewie Bike
Stick Fighter RPG
Stick Figure Animator
Stick Figure Badminton
Stick RPG
Stick RPG Complete
Stick War
Stick War 2
Stickicide 3
Stickman Concussion
Stickman Madness
Stickman Madness 3
Stickman Reverb
Stickman Reverb 2
Still Alive
Stitch Cosmic Slugger
Stitch Island Tour
Stitch Laser Blast
Stoneage Sam
Stoneage Sam 2 The Ice Age
Stones Masters
Stop The TV
Storm Ops
Storm Ops 3
Storm The House
Storm the House 3
Stormwinds The Lost Campaigns
Stormy Castle
Story Of Saiunkoku
Strange Halloween Escape
Strange Invaders
Strategy Defense
Strategy Defense 2
Strategy Defense 3
Street Fashion Doll No2
Street Fashion Dress Up Doll
Street Fight
Street Fighter Creation
Street Fighter Legend Of Ansatsuken
Street Hidden Objects
Street Kombat
Stress Relief Paintball
Strike Force Commando
Strike Force Heroes
Strike Force Heroes 2
Strike Force Heroes 3
Strikeforce Kitty
Strikeforce Kitty 2
String Avoider
Strip Bowl
Strip Or Die
Strip Poker With Aleska
Strip Poker With Alessandra
Strip Poker With Bella 2
Strip Poker With Blanche 2
Stunt Bike Draw
Stunt Dirt Bike
Stunt Master
Stunt Pilot
Stunt Pilot 2
Sub Wars
Submachine 3
Subzero Freezing Jump
Sudden Aviator
Sudoku CM
Sudoku Original
Sue Delivery Meals
Sue Girls Beauty Room
Sue Meal Baking
Sue Videoclip Director
Sugar Sugar
Sugar Tales
Summer In The Country
Summer Vacation Parking
Summer Wind
Summon The Hero
Summoner Saga Chapter 1
Summoner Saga Chapter 2
Sumo Paint
Sunday Outing Find The Difference
Sunday Popper
Sunset in Venice
Sunset Street
Super Adventure Pals
Super Adventure Pals Battle Arena
Super Angry Mario 2
Super Battle City
Super Big Gun Adventure
Super Bob Omb
Super Brawl 2
Super Bus License HD
Super Champ
Super Chibi Knight
Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe
Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2
Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 3
Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 4
Super Dangerous Dungeons
Super Deepthroat
Super Doggy
Super Drift 3
Super Fighter
Super Fighters Rampage
Super Fighters Ultimate
Super Goblin War Machine
Super Luigi Bros
Super Mafia Bros
Super Mafia Land
Super Marco
Super Mario 3 Star Scramble
Super Mario 63
Super Mario BP Oil Spill
Super Mario Bros Crossover
Super Mario Bros Crossover 3
Super Mario Bros Star Scramble 2
Super Mario Bus
Super Mario Crossover 2
Super Mario Defence
Super Mario Flash
Super Mario Flash 2
Super Mario Flash 2 Desert Edition
Super Mario Save Sonic
Super Mario Strikers Heads Up
Super Mario Sunshine 128
Super Mario Sunshine 64
Super Mario Tetris
Super Mario World Flash
Super Mario World Slots
Super Ninja Strike
Super Pang
Super Peach Blast
Super Pixel Knight
Super Puzzle Platformer
Super Slugger Baseball
Super Smash Flash
Super Smash Flash 2
Super Snotput
Super Sonic Click
Super Soviet Flash
Super Stacker
Super Stacker 2
Super Stock Take
Super Treadmill
Super Viking Shark Panch
Super Wicked Awesome
Superbike Extreme
Superbikes Track Stars
Superdudes Xtreme Pinball
Supervillain Smashout
Supra Mayro Bross
Sushi Cat
Sushi Cat 2
Sushi Cat 2 The Great Purrade
Sushi Cat 4 The Honeymoon
Sushi Cat 6
Sushi Cat The Honeymoon
Sushi Catapult
Sushi Go Round
Suzi Says
SWAT Awesome Edition
Sweet Anais
Sweet Anime
Sweet Cupcake Nail Design
Sweet Love Slots
Sweet November Date
Sweet Planet
Swimming Anime Dating Sim
Swimsuit Dress Up
Swindler 2
Swing Soccer
Swipers Big Adventure
Sword Fight
Sword Of Orion
Swords And Sandals 1 Gladiator
Swords and Sandals 2
Swords And Sandals 2 Emperors Reign
Swords And Sandals 3 Gladiae Ultratus
Swords and Sandals 4 Tavern Quests
Swords And Sandals Crusader
Swords and Souls
Sydney Shark
Symphonic Bus Tour
Some games my be listed twice as one version is the original and the second is the High Score version.