No one needs to do these steps to upload games for the archive. These are extra steps that we take to prepare a game to be added into the archive. It just makes our job easier 😉

If you have games to upload please do, don’t worry about these steps

This is a tutorial about how to process a flash game for the Flash Game Archive. This information has been requested many times and the more games that get processed the more games we will have to play. Flash games processed using this exact method can be added to the archive very quickly because it’s the part that takes all of our time.

Obtaining a flash game .SWF file

Step 0: Is It Already In The Archive

Check to see if the game you are processing is already in teh archive, if it is then there is no reason to process it again.

Check Here: Game Directory

Step 1: Testing the Flash Game

Download: FlashPlayer13

Drag and drop the SWF flash game file onto the “FlashPlayer13” file you just downloaded from the link above. The game should start up and be playable.

  • Some Issues You may Encounter:
  • Blank Screen (Not going to work)
  • Loading Screen or Ads (Normally just a short wait)
  • Errors popups (Click continue and see if the game works)
  • A sitelock message about only being able to play on a certain site (Not Working Yet)
  • Nothing happens, nothing loads (Try Again, may not be working)

Step 2: Correct Game Name

While you have the game running take note of the actual name of the game, many games are named incorrectly. And we need to change the name of the SWF file to be the correct name. Use the name from the games title screen so that you know it’s accurate.

Example File Name That Was Downloaded: sprshter1k.SWF
Actual Game Name: Super Shooter 1000
Rename the .SWF file to: Super_Shooter_1000.swf

Every word in the file name should be capitalized and there should be an underscore between each word.

Wrong: Super_shooter , super shooter, Super-Shooter
Right: Super_Shooter

You can change the name of the SWF file while you are using it.

Step 3: Taking & Naming a Screenshot

Use the game menu or buttons it shows on screen to get into the game, once you are able to play the game, you want to use “snipping tool” to capture just the play area of the game. The screenshot should only contain a picture of the game play, like a screenshot that could be used for a magazine or desktop wallpaper, no screen border, but an entire picture of the play area as shown below.

It’s built right into windows, just search “snipping tool”

You only want to capture the gameplay area of the screen.

You want to save this screenshot as a “.jpg” and it should have the exact same name as the game file.

Example: Super_Shooter_1000.jpg

Step 4: Finishing The Task

Now you should have 2 files that are named exactly the same thing, except for the end of the file, one should end with “.swf” and the other should end with “.jpg”




Now you can upload these files to the archive on the website or you can process a bunch of games and put them all in one .zip file, and upload the .zip file as long as it’s not larger than 64MB in size.