This directory contains all games currently available in Flash Game Archive and is updated weekly.

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There are currently 290 Games in this directory beginning with the letter T.
Tactical Assassin
Tactics Core Demo
Tails Nightmare
Tails Nightmare 2
Tak And The Power Of Juju
Tales of Heroes
Talesworth Adventure Quest for the Dragons Hoard
Talesworth Arena
Tangerine Tycoon
Tank 2012
Tank Destroyer
Tank in Action
Tank Patrol
Tank Trouble
Tanked Up
Tankmen Infinity
Tanks And Towers
Tasty Planet
Tea Time with the Girls
Team Rocket Pokemon Trainer
Techno Mania
Teddy Bear Picnic Massacre
Teen Titan Tentacles Part 2
Tek Tactical
Temple Glider
Temple Guardian
Tentacle Wars
Tequila Zombies 2
Tequila Zombies 3
Terra God
Terrain Chapter 2
Territory War
Test Pilot
Test Subject Arena
Test Subject Arena 2
Test Subject Blue
Test Subject Complete
Test Subject Green
Test Your Sight MK Mini Game
Test Your Time
Texas Hold Em
Texas Holdem Poker Heads Up
Thanks Tanks
The 10 Step Guide To Nerdhood
The 12 Figthers 2
The 2nd Gardener
The Adventure Of Captain Blox
The Adventures Of One Button Bob
The Adventures of Super Mario Land
The Amazing Ant
The Aquatory
The Arrow Of Time
The Ashes
The Awakening
The Bank Robber
The Bar
The Beard
The Beatles Pinball
The Binding of Isaac
The Black Knight
The Bottom of the Sea
The Brain Game 2
The Breach
The Bucket
The Cake Is A Lie
The Candy Trap
The Champions 2 Euro 08
The Champions 3D
The Chase By Intel
The City Bustle
The Classroom
The Company Of Myself
The Cube
The Curse Of The Amsterdam Diamond
The Day
The Day The Office Melted
The Dragons Adventure
The Dungeon Of Death
The Enchanted Cave 2
The Endlass Zombie Rampage
The Engineer
The Fancy Pants Adventure World 1
The Fancy Pants Adventure World 2
The Fancy Pants Adventure World 3
The Final Stand
The Flood Runner 2
The Freewill Cycle Volume 2
The Gardener
The Gatekeeper
The Geography Quiz
The Glassworks
The Golden Gauntlet
The Good Doctor Ferrer
The Good The Bad And El Tigre
The Great Attic Escape
The Great Kitchen Escape
The Great War of Prefectures
The Gun Game
The Heist
The Humans Are Dead Board Game
The I Of It
The Impossible Quiz
The Impossible Quiz 2
The Incredibles Save The Day
The Keeper of 4 Elements
The King of Fighters vs DNF
The King Of Fighters Wing EX
The Last Dinosaurs
The Last Door Chapter 2
The Last Door Chapter 3
The Last Stand
The Last Stand Union
The Last Village
The Legend Of Krystal
The Legend Of Pandora
The Long Road
The Lost Child
The Lost Scout
The Lusty Lizard
The Magic Castle of Boobermorph
The Maze
The Milk Quest
The Missile Game 3D
The MNF Plumber
The New Iron Mikes Punch Out
The New One
The Night Before Our Holiday
The Nun
The Nutcracker
The Nutcracker VS Sugarplum Fairies
The Other Side
The Pack Air Hockey
The Peacekeeper
The Penthouse 2008
The Pinball Adventure
The Pit
The Polar Express Train Adventure
The Professionals
The Professionals 2
The Prouds Puffs Skate Jam
The Rambling Wheels Pinball
The Right Mix
The Right Way
The Rise Of A Knight
The Rise Of Atlantis
The Roman Architect Game
The Romp
The Room The Game
The Sandbox
The Satama Happy Chirstmas
The Sea Of Glomp
The Secret Cave Lucario X Zeraora
The Secret Code
The Several Journeys Of Reemus
The Simpsons Ball Of Death
The Simpsons Hidden Stars
The Simpsons Kick Ass Homer
The Sniper
The Splitting Chapter 2
The Story Is About Amys Adventures
The Terraspheres
The Three Bags
The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny
The Upside Down Show Schmancy Schmashup
The Urinal Game
The Valley Rule
The Walls Part 2
The Walls Part Three
The World Of Objects
The World Record Egg Dating Sim
The Worlds Hardest Game V1
Theme Hotel
Thin Ice
Thing Thing
Thing Thing 2
Thing Thing 3
Thing Thing 4
Thing Thing Arena
Thing Thing Arena 3
Thing Thing Arena Classic
This Bunny Kills
This Is The Only Level
Thomas Was Alone
Thrill Rush 2
Thunder Sky
Thunderax 9k
Tibia Tower Defense
Tifa Lockhearts Whore RPG Hentai
Tiger Golf
Tiki Party
Tikolas Speed Test
Tim Ball Pinball
Time Pilot
Tinwatchman 4E Starting Character Generator
Tiny Airships
Tiny Castle
Tiny Dangerous Dungeon
TMNT Double Damage
Tobes Great Escape
Tofu Ninja
Togsy And The Stars
Token Hero
Tokyo Mew Mew Character Creator
Tom And Jerry In Whats The Catch
Tom And Jerry Mouse About The House
Tom And Jerry Refriger Raiders
Toms Adventure
Toms Adventure 2
Toms Adventure 3
Too Many Ponies
Top Racing
Top Spinner
Top That
Top That Deux
Top Trial Bike
Topless Titris
Tortuga 2
Tortuga 3
Torture Test Game
Toss The Turtle
Totem 2
Totem Balls
Touch the Bubbles 4
Touch The Core
Touhou Guru Guru
Tower Of Doom
Tower Of Math
Tower of the Archmage
Tower Up
Toxic 2
Toxie Radd
Toxie Radd 3D
Toy Roo Vore
Toy Story Woody To The Rescue
Toy Town Game
Toys Racing
Traditional Checkers Game
Transformers Battle
Transformers Energon Within
Transmorpher 2
Transmorpher 3
Transylmania 2
Trap Master
Trapped Girl
Traps Mines And A Sheep
Treasure Caves
Treasure Seas Inc
Tri Achnid
Trial Bike
Trials 2
Tricky Duck Volleyball
Tricky Rick
Tricky Rick 2
Trip To Cherokee Forest
Tripping The Rift
TRN 47 Subversion
Trollface Quest
Tropical Karting
Truck Loader 2
Truck Race
Tryst And Jenna
TU 46
TU 95
Tuper Tario Tros
Turbo Rally
Turbo Spirit XT
Turbo Tanks
Turbo Turbo Turbo
Turf Wars
Turkey Target
Turn Undead
Turtle Odyssey
Turtle Punch
Twin Shot
Twin Shot 2
Two Bunnies Trapped High In A Tower
Some games my be listed twice as one version is the original and the second is the High Score version.