Happy Holidays – Version 2.0 Download Available!

Version 2.0 Released December 24, 2020!

It’s been a long road.. looking for a way to offer access to the flash archive while making updates easy.. but here we are!

Download Page Link

This small 40MB download gets you access to the archive, all the games from our 1.1 release as well as a 30 more games. AND… updates are as simple as clicking a button in the software when we announce an update, a couple seconds later you will have access to all the new additions to the archive.

Screenshots are low quality for the current games because we used the ones we were using in the old version of Flash Game Archive, but they will be updated and all new games added will have full quality screenshots (like most of the games in the “Featured” section of this release).

We will have a how to use this software video coming soon, you can favorite games, hide games so a private list, and set a password for the hidden and adult games. Out of the box the password is just that “password”.. type it in the password field and then click the icon to enter the restricted area. There is a file called “password.txt” in the data folder, change the ‘word’ inside that file and save it to change the password.

We really hope you enjoy this release, keep an eye on our “news” page for when to click your update button for new games.

Thanks again to Patreon members for helping this new version to become a reality.


Version 2.01 is now available

  • New Resolution Selection Buttons
  • New Adult Animation Area (Password Locked)
  • New News Area