January 2020

Hello and welcome to the new year, the last year that Flash will be supported by browsers, and the whole reason this project exists!

No need to panic that there are just over 1500 games in the archive with thousands more to go, we have them all archived on on a hard drive and will integrate them into the software over time, so we aren’t fighting the clock.

Right now we are processing requests while we are still working to organize the huge donation of game we received at the end of 2019.

The number of games going into the next patch will keep growing over he next few months and then we will do another release 🙂

A huge thank you goes out to everyone uploading flash games to our archive… Yes, we add them to the collection regularly and we will process them into the archive.

Another huge thank you to those who have supported us on Patreon, every little bit helps to pay for the physical storage, server space, and development time for this project.