November 2019

Huge Flash Game donation received!

As you can see, our flash game storage has jumped from 800GB to nearly 8 Terabytes!

Thank you! to the anonymous donater who offered up their collection of Flash games from all over the world over the last 10+ years. It took us 7 days and nights to download it all, even with 600Mbps Internet. Many of the games are compressed into packs from tons of websites, so we are sure it would be over 8TB uncompressed.

We can’t wait to share more information about the collection, but we are just working on a good way to share the directory listings.

A big thank you to those who have joined this project as patrons at Patreon, the funds go towards the cost of the 8TB drive we had to purchase to hold this giant donation.

New Version Releases v1.1

The game count is now over 1500! The download size has grown from 5.5GB to 15.5GB, but it’s well worth the download.. so many great games! And now… we start on the next update!