Software Version 2.08 Released

This is a huge release for us, and we wanted to release it to everyone at once, Patreon supporters and non-Patreon supporters as the same time.

We are proud to introduce a… High Score Area!

High score flash arcades are nothing new and have been around for decades. But we are the first archive to offer a high score area with leaderboards since Flash was discontinued.

You must download the newest version of the software to enjoy the high score games, they will only show up in the High Score area.

No Account needed to sign in, just choose a name to be known by in the leaderboards and have fun competing!

10 High Score Games were released with this initial releases of the new area.

Leaderboards show the top 100 Scores and are on a rolling 90 day reset.. which means if you has the highest score 3 months ago and no one beat it, you may have to go reclaim your trophy! Only your highest score is saved and your name is highlighted on the leaderboards if you’ve placed in the top 100.