Special Slots Game Pack Release! (1 of 3)

This is a very special (1 of 3) game pack that contains real slots games. Depending on your internet speed these games may take some time to load and play as they can be up to 200MB each.

The Story behind these games: I purchased an actual slot & video poker machine and I wanted to know what hardware I can upgrade it with but I don’t know anything about that era of slots machines, so I started researching. I found some game names and then while looking into the purchase of the physical hardware I stumbled into a collection of Slots games on the Internet Archive. It seemed like a good way to see if I liked the game before investing in the physical boards needed to play it in my machine, but I noticed the games were made in flash!

And here we are, after some support from the community and BorisBeasts quick wit, we got the games working in a way that allowed them to be added to the Flash Game Archive.

The next two releases will be the remainder of this collection. It is just simulated gambling but I still have to say Game responsibly 😉