This directory contains all games currently available in Flash Game Archive and is updated weekly.

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There are currently 527 Games in this directory beginning with the letter F.
F ched Up
F1 Shanghai
F1 Tiny Racing
FA18 Hornet
Face Chase
Facebookeria Players Pack
Facial Skin Doctor
Factor Kingdom
Factory Balls
Factory Balls 2
Factory Balls 3
Factory Balls 4
Factory Balls Christmas Edition
Factory Balls The Christmas Edition
Fafu The Ostrich RPG
Fairies Of Fury
Fairies Of Fury Hacked All Characters
Fairly Odd Parents Guts N Glory
Fairly Odd Parents Wishology Chapter 1
Fairway Solitaire
Fairy Difference
Fairy Dress Up
Fairy Fishing
Fairy Princess Dress Up
Fairy Slacking
Fairy Tail Juvia Blowjob
Fairy Tail Super Doggystyle
Faithful Farmer
Falafel King
Fall Asleep Tsunade
Fall Style Makeover
Fallen Empire
Fallen From The Moon
Falling Furries
Falling Sands
Falling Sant
Family Flights
Family Funday
Family Relic Lost Key
Family Restaurant
Family Reunion Episode 5
Family Rush
Famous Date Dress Up
Fancy Pants Adventure World 1 Remix
Fancy Snowboarding
Fanged Fun Players Pack
Fantastic Football
Fantastic Four Rise Of The Silver Surfer
Fantasy Hotel
Fantasy War
Farm Craft 2
Farm Express
Farm Express 2
Farm Frenzy
Farm Frenzy 2
Farm Frenzy 3
Farm Frenzy 3 American Pie
Farm Frenzy 3 Ice Age
Farm Frenzy 3 Madagascar
Farm Frenzy 3 Russian Roulette
Farm Frenzy Gone Fishing
Farm Frenzy Pizza Party
Farm Fun
Farm Mania
Farm Mania 2
Farm Of Dreams
Farm To Fork
Farmer Quest
Farmers Market
Fashion Designer New York
Fashion Designer World Tour
Fashion Run
Fashion Shoot Slacking
Fashion Street
Fashion Studio Princess Dress Design
Fast And Gassy
Fast Feed
Fast Math
Fast Tetris
Faster Than Zombies
Fastfood Bar
Fat B Midget Tossing
Fat Cat
Fat Slice 2
Fatal Fighters
Fatty Text Adventure Game
Fault Line
Fear Less
Fear Unlimited
Fear Unlimited 2
Fear Unlimited Arena
Fedora Tipping Simulator 2016
Feed Me
Feed Me Moar
Feed Mee
Feed Prumpa
Feed The Dude
Feed the Head
Feed The King
Feed Us
Feed Us 4
Feed Us 4 Xmas
Feed Us 5
Feed Us Lost Island
Feed Us Pirates
Feed With Fruits
Feel This Paint
Fek Rack
Festival Pinball
Fetch A Fruit
Feudalism 2
Feudalism 3
Fever Frenzy
FFHC Rebirth Shell Be Back
FFX Yuuna
FHM Paparazzi
Field Command 2
Field Command 3
Fields Separation
Fierce Fighter
Fight Man XaioXaio No9
Fight Masters Muay Thai
Fighters Rampage
Fighting Brothers
Figurines Room Escape 2
Fill Up
Fillyfuck Fiesta
Final Defense 2
Final Fantasy Sonic X1
Final Fantasy Sonic X2
Final Fantasy Sonic X3
Final Fantasy Sonic X4
Final Fantasy Sonic X5
Final Fantasy Sonic X6
Final Fight
Final Fortress
Final Ninja
Final Ninja Zero
Final Slam 2
Final Survival
Find Halloween Treasures Box
Find My Car Key
Find My Wallet
Find The Candy
Find The Candy Winter
Find The Cow
Find The Golden Axe
Find The Pair
Find Your Valentine
Finding Fairytales Castle Party
Finding My Heart
Finding Santa
Fine Blocks
Finger Balance
Finger VS Farmers
Finite Moves
Fire And Ice
Fire And Might
Fire Catcher
Fire Gragon
Fire Harpy Raping Story
Fire In The Hole 2
Fire It Up
Fire Man Incoming Stormv
Fire Spawn
Fire Work Out
Fireball Frenzy
Fireboy And Watergirl
Fireboy And Watergirl 2
Fireboy And Watergirl 3
Fireboy And Watergirl 4
Fired Up
Fireman Forest Rescue
Fireman Kids City
Fires Revenge
Fireworks Columns
Fireworks Simulation
Fireys Candy Bar Adventure
First Date
First Day At School
First Hero
First Person Shooter In Real Life 5
First Person Tetris
First Place Racing
Fish And Destroy
Fish Crunch
Fish Eat Fish
Fish Mania
Fish Salvage
Fish Tales
Fish Topia Tycoon 2
Fishdom 2
Fishdom 3
Fishdom Frosty Splash
Fishdom Harvest Splash
Fishdom Seasons Under The Sea
Fishdom Spooky Splash
Fishing Girl
Fishing Girls
Fishtopia Adventure
Fishtopia Tycoon
Fishy Waters
Fist Puncher Streets of Outrage
Fit It Quick
Fitness Rush
Five Minute Ninja
Five Til
Fizzy Frenzy
Fl Tron 2
Fl0w Classic
Fl0w Official
Fl0w Widescreen
Flabby Physics
Flagstaff Chapter Four
Flagstaff Chapter One
Flagstaff Chapter Three
Flagstaff Chapter Two
Flak Boy
Flak Boy 2
Flame Fighter
Flamedramon Loveseat Jasonafex
Flaming Zombooka
Flaming Zombooka 3 Carnival
Flap Flap
Flappy Bird
Flappy Bird 2
Flappy Bird GB
Flappy Bird NES Homebrew
Flappy Birdies
Flappy Christmas
Flappy Mario And Luigi
Flappy Rainbow Pony hs
Flasbag vs Mutt
Flash Arcade Lanes
Flash Bash
Flash Benchmark 08
Flash Cat
Flash Chess 3
Flash Conquerors
Flash Dribbler
Flash Element TD
Flash Empires 3
Flash Flight Simulator
Flash Footy Hockey
Flash Golf 2001
Flash Ludo
Flash Photoshop
Flash Pinball
Flash Point
Flash Poker
Flash Pong
Flash RPG Creator
Flash Strike
Flash Trek
Flash Trek Assault
Flash Trek Broken Mirror 2 Rebirth Of The Empire
Flash Trek Broken Mirror 3 Rise Of The Empire
Flash Trek Broken Mirror 4 Hero Of The Federation
Flash Trek Call To Arms
Flash Trek Delta Expanse
Flash Trek Dominion War
Flash Trek Romulan Wars
Flashs Bounty
Flashtrek Broken Mirror
Flatbread Express
Flawed Dimension
Flea 2
Fleabag VS Mutt
Fleabag Vs Mutt 2
Fleeing The Complex
Flight Of The Hamsters
Fling A Thing
Fling The Cow
Flip And Go
Flip It
Flip The Farmer
Flip Wit
Flood Fill
Flood Runner 4
Flood Runner Armageddon
Flooded Village
Flooded Village Holland
Flooded Village Xmas Eve
Flooded Village Xmas Eve 2
Flooded Village Xmas Eve 4
Floor One The Chainsaw
Flophone Classified
Flower Boutique
Flower Design Shop
Flower Greenhouse
Flower Guardian
Flower Power
Flower Shop
Flower Style Shop
Flower Thrower
Flu Sweeper
Fluffy Birdies
Fluffy Rescue
Fluttershys Bunny Rescue
Fly Again
Fly Guy
Fly Hard
Fly Hard 2
Fly Meow
Fly Squirrel Fly
Fly Squirrel Fly 2
Fly Swatter
Fly Tangle
Flying Chops
Flying Rabbit
FMX Team
FOG Free Kicks
FOG Sudoku
FOG Tennis Cup
Foghorn Leghorn Thanks But No Thanks
Foire Aux Mystere
Foire Aux Mystere 2
Foire Aux Mystere 3
Follow Your Dream
Food Court
Food Shoot
Foody Puppy
Foofa Race
Football Champions 2015
Football Fizzix
Football Fury
Football Heads 2014 World Cup
Football Kicks
Football Legends 2016
Football Legends Valentine Edition
Football Star
Football Tennis Gold Master
Forbidden Arms
Foreign Creature
Foreign Creature 2
Foreskin Fun With Dan
Forest Of Echoes
Forest Siege
Forest Tentacle Flogging
Forever Samurai
Forever Steve
Forgotten Caves
Forgotten Dungeon
Forgotten Dungeon 2
Forgotten Hill Puppeteer
Formula Driver 3D
Formula Fun
Formula Racer
Formula Racer 2012
Formula XSpeed 3D
Fort Blaster Ahoy There
Fort Blaster Puzzle
Fortress Barricade
Fortress Game
Fortress Magnus
Fortress Monster Tower 3
Fortune Teller
Four Cheese Pizza
Four Elements Scene Maker
Four Princesses of King Zentibold
Four Second Firestorm
Foxy Fans Scandalous Halloween Puzzle
Foxy Sniper
Foxy Sniper 2
Foxy Sniper Pirate Shootout
Fractured 2
Fractured 3
Fractured 4
Fragile Vase
Frank N Slime
Franken Split
Franks Adventure
Franks Adventure 2
Franks Adventure 3
Franks Adventure 4
Frantic 2
Frantic Frigates
Frantic Planes
Frantic Planes 2
Frat Boy Blind Date Horror
Freak O Lantern
Freak Out Kid Freaking Out
Freak Show
Freaky Cows
Free Cell Solitaire
Free Fred
Free Icecream
Free Rider 2
Free Super Mario Bros
Freedom Tower 2 The Invasion
Freekick Mania Fifa
Freeway Fury
Freeway Fury 2
Freeway Fury 3
Freewheeling Friends
Freeze Me
Freezy Mammoth
French Girl Dressup
Frenzy Airport
Frenzy Airport 2
Frenzy Animal Clinic
Frenzy Bakery
Frenzy Clinic
Frenzy Cruise
Frenzy Hotel 2
Frenzy Living
Frenzy Pizza
Fresh Burger
Fried Chicken Restaurant
Friendly Fire
Friends Forever
Frizzle Fraz
Frizzle Fraz 2
Frizzle Fraz 3
Frizzle Fraz 4
Frog Crossing hs
Frog Fractions
Frog Love Candy
Froggy Its Hungry
Frontline Defense 2
Frontline Defense First Assault
Frost Bite 2
Frost Garden
Frozen Angel Elsa
Frozen Candy
Frozen College Real Makeover
Frozen Islands
Frozen Islands New Horizons
Frozy And Fred
Fruit Ball
Fruit Bombarding
Fruit Cake Decoration
Fruit Defense
Fruit Defense 4
Fruit Fall
Fruit Jong 2
Fruit Snake
Fruit Splat Fractions Addition
Fruit Zombie Defense 3
Fruitland 2
Fruits De La Passion
Fruits Inc
Frustration Xmas
Frys Delivery
Fuck Mr Hatcher
Fuck Your Champion
Fuf Scorp29 Pokemon Park
Fugitive Takedown
Full Auto Mayhem
Full Moon
FullMetal Alchemist Flameout
Fun Beach
Fun Da Vinci
Fun Fun Candy
Fun In The Sun
Fun Thanksgiving Day
Funkyland 10th Anniversary
Funny Animals 2
Funny Bees
Funny Food Face
Funny Funny 2
Funny Rats
Furfur And Nublo 2
Furry Family
Furry Fighter
Furry Fights 2 Revenge
Furry Fury
Furtive Dao
Fury Clicker
Fury Officer
Fury Officer Furry Artist
Fusion Rocket
Futa Sex Ed
Future Buddy
Future World 1 Inverse
Future World 2
Fuzzmon 2 Mighty Earth
Fuzzmon VS Robo
Fuzzy Things
FWG Pinball
Some games my be listed twice as one version is the original and the second is the High Score version.