This directory contains all games currently available in Flash Game Archive and is updated weekly.

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There are currently 428 Games in this directory beginning with the letter H.
Habla Kadabla
Hack Slash Crawl
Hair Beauty Salon
Hair Mania
Hair Salon
Hair Salon 2
Hair Salon Mixed
Hair Styling 2
Hairdresser Sue
Haitai Market
Half Life 2 Flash
Halfling Tycoon
Halfne Miku Studio
Halfpipe Hero
Halloween Basketball Legends
Halloween Bubble
Halloween Castle
Halloween Clix
Halloween Girl Dress Up
Halloween Hangman
Halloween Hocus Pocus
Halloween Ice Cream
Halloween Jack Candy Thief
Halloween Magical Girl
Halloween Slacking
Halloween Slacking 2014
Halloween Survivor
Halloween Swipe
Halo And Pixy
Halo Combat Evolved
Haluz 2
Hambo 2
Hammer Balls
Hammie The Painter
Hammy The Flying Squirrel
Hampton Court Palace The Great Time Quest
Hamster Restaurant
Hanafuda Flash
Hand To Hand Combat Facility
Handball Shooter X
Handfan Shop
Handless Millionaire
Handless Millionaire Season 2
Hands of War
Hands Of War 2 Expanded Edition
Hands Of War 3
Hangman Plus Plus
Hanna In A Choppa
Hanna In A Choppa 2
Hanna Montana Rock The Stage
Hanna Montana Wireless Quest
Hannah Montana Award Event
Hannah Montana Jacksons Beach Treat Delivery
Hannah Montana Real Hair Cuts
Hannah Montana Rock Star Fashion Challenge
Hannah Montana The Movie Online Coloring
Hapland 2
Hapland 3
Happy Ball
Happy Bike
Happy Builder
Happy Dead Friends
Happy Dead Friends Players Pack
Happy Drops
Happy Farm 10 Differences
Happy Gardner
Happy Gardner 2
Happy Halloween Escape
Happy Hero
Happy Holiday
Happy Jump Land Enemy 585
Happy Little Fish
Happy Mart
Happy Pill
Happy Pleated Skirt Cutie
Happy Santa
Happy Spaceballs
Happy Square Blocks
Happy Tower
Happy Wheels Demo
Hardcore Poker With Horny Katie
Hardest Run
Hardventure Into The Duat
Hares Harvest
Harry Potter And The Marauders Map
Harry Potter Or Just Alpha Male
Harry Potters Magic Makeover
Harry Quantum Episode 1
Harry Quantum Episode 2
Harry Quantum Episode 3
Harry The Hamster
Harry The Hamster 2
Harry The Hamster 3
Harry The Hamster 4
Harry The Hamster 5
Harusame 01
Haste Makes Waste
Haunt The House
Haunted Campus
Haunted Halloween
Haunted House
Haunted House Quest For The Magic Book
Haunted Hybrid
Haunted School
Haunted School 2
Havoc Mountain
Hawaii Resort Spa Facial
Hawaiian Runner
Hazardous Rescue
Head Action World Cup
Head Hates Gears
Head Of Security
Head Spin Space Race
Head Spin Storybook
Headless Joe
Headless Zombie
Headless Zombie 2
Heart Of Ice
Heart Of Tota
Heart Star
Heartbreak Hysteria
Heat Rush Future
Heat Rush USA
Heaven Or Hell 2
Heavenly Playgirl Dating Sim
Heavy Metal Girl
Heavy Metal Rider
Hector Holmes
Hedgehog Launch
Hedgehog Launch 2
Heels N Wheels
Heist Bsolutist
Heli Attack 2
Heli Attack 3
Heli Combat
Heli Racer
Helicopter Strike Force
Helium Rush
Hell Cops
Hell Cops ND
Hell On Duty
Hello Kitty Bees In My Garden
Hello Kitty Cross Stitch
Hello Kitty In Love Puzzle
Hello Worlds
Help Lucy To Find Them
Help Me
Help Me Fly
Help Scooby Doo Get Past The Grinch
Help The Hero
Hentai Artist 3D Blondies
Hentai Bliss
Hentai Bouncing
Hentai Clicker
Hentai Deep Anal Sex
Hentai Hotties Slider
Hentai Key Girl 5
Hentai Key Girl Episode 4
Hentai Layout
Hentai Lesbian Orgy
Hentai Panty Play
Hentai Puzzle 13
Hentai Puzzle 2 Final
Hentai Puzzles 14
Hentai Puzzles 15
Hentai Puzzles 17
Herm The Germ
Hero Fighter
Hero In The Ocean
Hero In The Ocean 2
Hero Of Inferno
Hero RPG
Hero Simulator Idle Adventure
Heroes Empire
Heroes In Super Action Adventure
Heros Arms
Heros Battle 2
Hex Empire
Hexiom Connect
Hey Ash Watcha Playin
Hidden Alphabet 12
Hidden Alphabet Flower Garden
Hidden Empire
Hidden Expedition
Hidden Foes 2
Hidden Groceries
Hidden Hills
Hidden Kissing
Hidden Library
Hidden Mickey Hunt
Hidden Numbers Christmas
Hidden Numbers Irina Shayk
Hidden Numbers Parking Lot
Hidden Pokemon
Hidden Spirits Paranormal Investigation
Hidden Tableaux 5
Hidden Treasures
Hidden Words
Hidden Words Christmas
Hidden Words Easter Game
Hidden Words Love Story
Hiddenmania Three
Hide Caesar
Hide Caesar 2
Hide Caesar 2 Players Pack
Hide N Kiss
Hide Snowman Players Pack
Hiding The Kiss Puppies
High Flying Halloween
High or Low
High School Band
High School Detective Case Of The Honey Trap
High School Slacking
High School Video Game
Highway Of The Dead
Highway Pursuit 2
Hikouki Tomodachi
Hilary Duff Makeup
Hill Blazer Championship
Hill Climb Racing
Hill Climb Racing Inspired
Hinata Doggystyle
Hinata Goten Trunks Threesome
Hip Hop Dont Stop
Hippo The Brave Knight
Hippos Feeder
Hired Heroes Offense
Hiring Day
Hit Logic Level Pack
Hit The Road
Hitori Online
Hitting Stuff At A Building
Hive Hero
Hobo 3 Wanted
Hobo 4 Total War
Hobo 5 Space Brawls
Hobo 6 Hell
Hobo 7 Heaven
Hobo Bob
Hobo Prison Brawl
Hoger The Pirate Lost Island Episode
Holiday Clix
Holiday Couple Dress Up
Holiday Sim
Holiday Wedding Dress Up
Holly Hobbie Muffin Maker
Hollywood Bash
Hollywood Hall Of Fame
Hollywood Hall Of Fame 2
Hollywood Hall Of Fame 3
Hollywood Hall Of Fame 4
Hollywood Hall Of Fame 5
Hollywood Hall Of Fame 6
Hollywood Hall Of Fame 7
Hollywood Hall Of Fame 8
Hollywood Star Wash
Hollywood Style Perfect Hair 2
Holy Cow
Home Closet
Home Recipes Apple Cake
Home Recipes Grilled Pork Chops
Home Recipes Spaghetti With Chicken
Home Run Albanifest 2004
Home Sheep Home
Home Sheep Home 2
Home Sheep Home 2 Lost In London
Home Sheep Home 2 Lost Underground
Home Story 1971
Homeid Jigsaw Ahwanee Bridge
Homemade Pizza For My Boyfriend
Homer The Flanders Killer 6
Homers Donut Run
Homers Donut Run 2
Homerun Ball Making
Homerun Derby hs
Homerun In Berzerk Land Berzerk Ball
Homerun Stroke
Honey The Game
Hong Kong Ninja
Hong Kong Phooey Karate Challenge
Hood Episode 1
Hood Episode 2
Hoop Shoot
Hopper Beetle
Hopten Tenshi
Hopy Boo
Hopy Paradise
Horde Siege
Hordes and Lords
Horny Afternoon
Horny Afternoon 3
Horny Canyon Nighty Night
Horny Cheerleader
Horny Schoolgirl
Horny Teen Schoolgirl
Horrible Place
Horrid Henry
Horror House Dress Up
Horror On The High Seas Episode 1
Horror On The High Seas Episode 2
Horror On The High Seas Episode 3
Horror On The High Seas Episode 4
Horror Painting Parodies
Horror Paintings Parodies 2
Horror Plant 2
Horse Jumping Challenge
Horse Rancher
Hospital Admin
Hospital Frenzy 2
Host Master
Hostile Skies
Hot Air Jr
Hot As Hell
Hot BBQ Party
Hot Blood Boxing
Hot Casino Black Jack
Hot Casino Blackjack
Hot Corn
Hot Cute Maid
Hot Date
Hot Dog Bush
Hot Dog Maker
Hot Love 5 Differences
Hot Summer Nights
Hot Throttle
Hot Tub Heist
Hotdog Champion
Hotel Management
Hotel Manager
Hotel Of My Dreams
HotRod Pinball
Hotrod Pinball 2
Hourglass Problem
House Of Mouse Mouse Match
House of Wolves
House On The Prairie
Hover Bot
Hover Havoc
How Dare You
How Do You Feel About Sex
How Smart Are You
How To Be A Gent
How To Breed Your Dragon
How To Discipline A Shoplifting Girl English
How To Dress Erika
How To Dress Odette
How To Make A Game
How To Make Corn Porridge
How To Make Cranberry Christmas Fudge
How To Make Tacko Dip
How To Make Victoria Sandwich
How To Raise A Dragon
How To Seduce Hot Girls
How To Think Like Sherlock Holmes
Hughs Shop
Hugo The Hobo
Hugo The Hobo 2
Huje Adventure
Huje Tower
Huje Tower 2
Huje Way
Hula Hustle
Hulk Find The Numbers
Hulk Power Punch
Hulk Smash Up
Humaliens VS Battle Gear 4
Humaliens VS Battle Gear 5
Human VS Monster 3
Humanoid 47
Humble Jungle Puzzle
Humbug 2
Hummer Rally Championship
Hunga Basic Needs
Hungry Bears
Hungry Bobby Bear
Hungry Ducks
Hungry Hippaul
Hungry Hungry Mario
Hungry Shapes
Hungry Shapes 2
Hungry Shapes 3
Hungry Worms 2
Hunted Forever
Hunter Willie Dungeon Monsters
Huntress Of Souls
Hurdle Race
Hurry Up Ant
Hut Defense 5
Hybrid Fighter
Hyper Dunker
Hyper Pixel Man
Some games my be listed twice as one version is the original and the second is the High Score version.